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  • keyboard_arrow_down What is FYI?

    FYI is a web application that enables any internet user to easily build their web presence and access information by leveraging on existing online content and services. The tool uses an innovative technology to optimize the extraction and usage of information behind any URL, and to elegantly display on web pages, or across social media. FYI is compatible with the most popular web applications - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc. - allowing users to create their own domain in seconds, and instantly start building and sharing their unlimited web pages ('Smartlists'), without any technical knowledge required. In addition users have access to a web dashboard with curated content from high quality sources - with news, videos, music, presentations, etc. - that they can leverage to build their Smartlists. FYI is the tool to bring back simplicity, empowering internet users to discover and elegantly organize, share and promote relevant content.

  • keyboard_arrow_down What is a Smartlist?

    A Smartlist is a web page, like any other. It carries web content (links) beautifully presented as embedded cards in a dynamic grid that optimizes both content and visuals. It's URL is defined by the user, following the format 'username.fyi.to/smartlistname'. Smartlists can be made private or public by it's creator.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I use FYI?

    It's very easy. First access FYI's website (https://fyi.to) and create a username by signing up for an account. As a registered user and after signing into your dashboard, just drag (or paste) links from the web into the dropzone. If you are not a registered user, you can build Smartlists from FYI's website (https://fyi.to) dragging (or pasting) links from the web into the dropzone. We strongly recommend that you signup, as there are several amazing features only available for registered users, totally FREE.

  • keyboard_arrow_down What can I do with FYI?

    The FYI dashboard allows users to access content such as news, videos, music, etc. from quality sources pre-selected by our team. You can also create your own unlimited web pages (Smartlists), with unlimited content organized as elegant cards with links from the web. Our registered users use FYI to build video and music playlists, to promote their products, to organize recipes, to save news and articles to read later, to organize trip tips, to build cartoon channels for their kids, among others.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Do I need to pay to use FYI?

    FYI is completely FREE. None of our registered users pay to use our services. FYI also offers a PREMIUM (paid) version, with advanced features such Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Vanity Domain, among other powerful resources.

  • keyboard_arrow_down What kind of content can I include in a Smartlist?

    You can include almost any web content. NEWS from the most important and famous internet portals, VIDEOS from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, etc., PRESENTATIONS from Google Drive, Google Docs, Slideshare, etc., ARTICLES from LinkedIn, Blogs, and other web sources, MAPS from Google Maps, MUSIC from Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc., social media POSTS and content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Can I customize my Smartlists?

    Yes. Becoming a registered user allows you to choose your Smartlist's name, and also define a title, description, cover image (to be in the Smartlist's header, and appear on social media) and tags.

  • keyboard_arrow_down What's a cover image and how do I use it?

    The cover image is the picture that will be showed in the header of your Smartlist, and also in the social media when you post your Smartlist's link (URL). To include a cover image in your Smartlist you need to be a registered user. Once in your dashboard and after including content in the dropzone, click on the 'CREATE' button. Then click on the photo icon and select an image from your computer. In order to better position the image you can zoon in-out and cropt it. The recommended size is up to 2 megabytes and with a 1200x628 resolution. You can also use a media as a cover (e.g.: YouTube videos, Slideshare presentations, GIFs, etc.), including the link to your media when editing your Smartlist. This will make your posts much more attactive and dynamic once shared on social media and on Smartlists inside other Smartlists.

  • keyboard_arrow_down I couldn't create a card with my link. Why?

    FYI works with internet standards. Some websites don't include relevant metadata (image, title and description), which makes some information to be missing when you include the link in the dropzone. Some websites are 'closed' environments and don't allow their content to be embedded in other web pages. In these cases and to allow users improve the presentation of their content, when editing a Smartlist you can change the cover image (or media), title and description of your cards. You can also build cards from scratch (similar to writing notes or blog posts), without the need of a link as the source for your content.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I share my Smartlists?

    You can share your Smartlist by copying and pasting its link (URL) in an email, chat, social media post, etc. or you can use the 'share' icon in the header of your Smartlist (or in the 'YOURS' section of your dashboard) to share the Smartlist directly using one of the options of the 'share' menu: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Messenger or Email.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I change my Smartlist's URL?

    Visit https://fyi.to and log in to your dashboard. Then access your Smartlist in the 'YOURS' slider clicking on the 'open' icon. Finally click on 'EDIT' in the editing bar and change the link (URL).

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I 'recommend' a specific card in my Smartlist?

    You can 'recommend' specific cards of your Smartlist using the 'share' icon of the card you want to send over. Note that the URL of your Smartlist becomes a bit longer. For example, if you recommend/share the second card of the Smartlist https://patiarcos.fyi.to/cartoonplaylist, the link that will be shared is https://patiarcos.fyi.to/cartoonplaylist/s/zYBC and we will add a 'recommend for you' mat to the second card. The mat will be dismissed once the recipient clicks 'OK'. If you use https://patiarcos.fyi.to/cartoonplaylist/s/zYBC_ (with an '_' at the end of the URL) your recipient will be redirected to the link's page after clicking on the 'OPEN' button.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Why do some Smartlists have player commands in its header?

    Smartlists that contain YouTube videos will automatically include player commands to make it easy for you to play the videos and use your Smartlist as music or video playlist. With FYI you can bundle your preferred songs under a unique link (URL) that can be played from any device with internet access. You can also build as much playlists, music and video channels as you want leveraging on content from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Why do some Smartlists have a random URL?

    Because the Smartlist was created by someone that has not yet registered as a user. Signing up (for FREE), among other fantastic features, enables you to brand the URLs of your Smartlists with your unique username.

  • keyboard_arrow_down What is the maximum number of cards in a Smartlist?

    Smartlists created from the FYI website (https://fyi.to) have a maximum of 8 cards. Smartlists created from the dashboard by registered users have unlimited cards.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I search relevant content to build Smartlists?

    Simply use your favorite search engine (Google, for example) or your favorite sites (YouTube, Facebook, blogs, news portals, etc.). As a FYI registered user, you can also use the 'search' feature of your control panel to search for relevant content in our database, or in high quality sources pre-selected by our team. Using the FYI search tool is as simple as any other search engine. Just enter the keyword and press 'enter'.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How can I add content into a Smartlist?

    If it's a new Smartlist, in your dashboard, just drag or paste a link into the dropzone and click on 'CREATE'. For existing Smartlists, after logging into your dashboard, open your Smartist, click on 'EDIT' and then drag or paste a link into the dropzone.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Are my Smartlists public?

    All Smartlists are public by default. As a registered user you can make it private and accessible only to other FYI users that you authorize.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Does FYI host content?

    FYI is not a web hosting tool and we don't host content. For an enhanced performance and optimal visualization of a Smartlist, we record into our databases the cover image, title, description and tags you've selected.

  • keyboard_arrow_down How do the tags work?

    When creating or editing a Smartlist in your dashboard you can add tags. Tags are used to categorize your Smartlist in FYI's database and to enhance your page rank in FYI's search and in other search engines such as Google. We strongly recommend that you add tags to your Smartlists.

  • keyboard_arrow_down Can I share my private Smartlists with others?

    Yes. To allow other FYI users to access your private Smartlists, log into your dashboard, open your Smartlist, click 'EDIT' and in the tags section simply add '@' plus the FYI username you want to allow to access your Smartlist. For example, to allow the FYI user 'aydin.fyi.to' to access one of your Smartlists, key '@aydin' in the tags section.