Organize Everything

Use FYI to organize, share and promote everything that matters to you.

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Use the control panel and bookmarklet to easily organize the content that matters to you most. You can create easy to remember FYI links for everything that is hard to find or you can create a #smartlist to conveniently bundle everything that you like to keep at hand. The possibilities are endless!


Because FYI links and Smartlists are just like any other URL, they can be easily shared with your friends, connections and followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), e-mail and all over the Internet, even via WhatsApp! You can also monitor the click statistics of your FYI links and Smartlists by time, location and traffic sources.


Your UNLIMITED FYI links/Smartlists always include your username, helping you achieve a much more consistent brand experience and extending your reach. You can also promote your own content (personal/professional website, social media profiles, publications, etc.) “interweaved” with other content within a #smartlist.