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The Strategy Mastery Training Workshop

It's time to rethink & reimagine how we think, craft and implement a resilient & winning strategy for business. Find out exactly where to start with strategy, and where it will ultimately take you.

Rodrigo Martinez

Best of AppSumo Black Friday 2021 (20 tools to give you disco fever)

AppSumo's Black Friday 2021 star lineup. These epic tools will have you fighting away leads with a stick. You’ll look up and wonder, “Where did all this business growth come from?”.



Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 155000 courses and 40 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science and more.


Best laptop bags

These are the best of the best laptop bags that I use regularly. The satchel for more business use, Osprey backpack for everyday carry, and the Timbuk2 waterproof backpack for rainy days.


#GetStartupResources - Curated Resources for Startups

No time to go through lists with hundreds of tools? I hand-picked the resources below to save you time and money. Only the best tools are included.

Alston Antony

Beginner SEO Tutorial Guide - Basics Step by Step Learning 2021

Free beginner SEO guide course. Learn search engine optimization basics and fundamentals to do SEO for the website step by step from Alston Antony.


Best Minecraft YouTubers

Best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids (curated by By Caroline Knorr). Suggestions and feedback to


Artfully Creating Beauty Smart Skincare & Health Products

Are You Looking for Smart Skincare & Health Products? Check Out Website For More Information.

Learn about FYI


Have kids and concerned about what they watch on the web? You can create your own video playlists in minutes. Patricia uses FYI to curate age appropriate cartoons for her daughter. Check it out:


Do you love cooking and want your recipes always within "arm's reach"? You can organize any online content any way you want within your own web page. Sonia uses FYI to organize and share her favorite recipes:


Is your online presence important? FYI is an excellent tool to promote content on the web. Angela uses FYI to promote her art:

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