1. What is is a web service that allows users to organize any type of internet online content (websites, blogs, videos, documents, posts, tweets, etc.), in a simple, quick and elegant way. The tool also allows the user to share content via individual links (FYI links) and bundles of links (Smartlists)and monitor click statistics.

2. What do I need to do to start using
First you need to pick a username and check it's availability by visiting After you validate our confirmation e-mail you will receive your login details to access's control panel where you will be able to create unlimited FYI links and Smartlists.

3. How does work?
Just like Facebook, to benefit from the full experience we recommend you access your account via a desktop browser. After you login to you are presented with your control panel, option “Smartlists”, where you can create, edit, share and visualize statistics of clicks of your Smartlists. You can use the “Welcome” menu on the top right hand corner of the page to switch between the different options: “FYI links”, “Statistics”, “My Profile”, “Billing Info” and “Logout”. On your right side you can choose the current username you are working on and you can also find the Bookmarklet and view your general stats.

4. Can anyone else use my “username”?
Usernames are unique. As long as you continue to be a valid user, no one else can use your username.

5. What is a FYI link?
An FYI link is a simple and elegant way to rewrite any URL, customizing it with your username and desired subject. All FYI links follow the structure. In other words you defiinte the left side of the link (with your “username”) as well as the right side (with the “subject”).

6. How do I create my FYI links?
Login to your account and on the right side select “FYI links”. Use the copy & paste function of your computer to copy the URL from your browser's address bar to the field called “Original link”. Insert your desired “subject” in the field “FYI link” and click on the button “CREATE”.

7. What is a Smartlist?
A Smartlist is a bundle of FYI links presented as a web page. Additionaly to the links and content contained within the Smartlist you can also add a title, description and a preview image which will be displayed when you share your Smartlist across social media.

8. How do I create a Smartlist?
Login to your account and make sure you have selected the “Smartlists” option. Use the menu on the top right corner if necessary. In the “CREATE YOUR SMARTLIST” section, define a URL name/subject, Title, Description and a Preview Image. Define the name of each “FYI LINK” that you would like to include in your Smartlist and copy & paste the original URL from your browser in the “ORIGINAL LINK” field. Click “PUBLISH” to create your Smartlist.

9. How do I share my Smartlists and FYI links?
Just like sharing any other web page address, by entering the corresponding URL of the FYI link or Smartlist into the address bar of your browser. Additionally, we created buttons/icons to automatically share on social media and e-mail. The icons can be found in your control panel in sections “FYI links” and “Smartlists” as well as in the header of your Smartlist when displayed in your browser and the buttons can be found in the popup that appears after you create a FYI link or Smartlist.

10. Can I use existing FYI links in my Smartlist?
Yes! If you insert the name of an existing FYI link, the “ORIGINAL LINK” field will be filled automatically.

11. What happens to the new FYI links created directly via a Smartlist?
FYI links created directly within a Smartlist will be saved in the “FYI links” section of your control panel, allowing you to monitor their individual click statistics.

12. How many FYI links and Smartlists can I create?
You can create UNLIMITED FYI links and Smartlists.

13. Will my Smartlists and FYI links last forever?
Yes! As long as you don't delete them your Smartlists and FYI links last forever. For example, if you create a slide presentation with a link of a YouTube video and the YouTube video is removed there is now way for you to adjust the presentation since it has been download and shared by many. On the other hand if you used an FYI link instead, you can always login to your contral panel and edit the FYI link to replace the original YouTube link with a new link (Eg. Vimeo). We call this future-proof your links.

14. Is it possible to visualize statistics for all my Smartlist and FYI links combined?
Definitely! Selecting the option “Statistics” under the “Welcome” menu will display the total number of clicks for the current username you are working on. Within the options “Smartlists” and “FYI links” individual statistics can be displayed by clicking on the corresponding bar graph button under the column “CLICKS”. You can also view statistics by date, location and referrer.

15. How frequently are my statistics updated?
Your statistics are updated in real-time. However, certain versions of the Safari browser require regular emptying of its cache, thus make sure to keep your browser updated to the lastest version. We recommend using Firefox.

16. What is the FYI Bookmarklet?
The FYI Bookmarklet is a small software application stored as a bookmark in your web browser. It allows you to create your FYI links easily, from outside of your control panel as you are browsing. It can only be used with a desktop browser.

17. How do I install the FYI Bookmarklet?
Simply drag (click and hold) the bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks bar.

18. Is mobile compatible?
Yes! FYI links and Smartlists are URLs thus fully compatible with both desktop and mobile (smartphone, tablets, etc.) browsers. Just like Facebook, that requires a desktop browser for the full Facebook experience, the control panel should be accessed from a desktop browser for the full experience.

19. Is there any financial obligation by trying the service?
There are no financial obligations whatsoever. can be used for FREE.

20. What is the “Image” (UPLOAD) option in the Smartlists section of the control panel?
The “IMAGE” is a preview image that will be displayed when you post the link (URL) of your Smartlist across social media (Eg.: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), thus increasing your audience's engagement with your post.

21. What are the recommended size and dimensions for the Smartlist “Image”?
Your image should have a maximum size of 2Mb with a recommended dimension of 1200x630px for Facebook and 1024x512px for Twitter. These recommendations also work well all across the web.

22. How do I arrange the order in which my links are displayed inside a Smartlist?
You can drag and drop your links to reorder in the best way to suit your needs by clicking and holding on the number of the link.

23. What can I do with the PUBLISH/UPDATE button in the Smartlists control panel?
Once you have included/arranged your desired links click on PUBLISH to publish your Smartlist. It can be displayed and shared in a few seconds. If you have made any changes to your Smartlist (changed the order/added new links) click on UPDATE to re-publish your Smarlist.

24. How long does it take for my Smartlist to be published and ready to use?
Depending on the amount of included links, your Smartlist can take a couple of minutes to be published. If you access the Smartlist's URL in your browser it will automatically display itself once it has been published.

25. Can I create my FYI links and Smartlists URLs with uppercase and lowercase characters?
Your FYI links and Smartlists must be created with lowercase characters (max. 32). However they will work equally even if you can share them combining both. Eg.: and are the same.

26. How can I remove a link from the Smarlist?
When creating or editing a Smartlist, click, hold and on the number of the desired link that you wish to delete and then drag it to the END of your Smartlist. Click on the trash button and it will be deleted.

27. What is the DATE in the list of FYI links and Smartlists?
The date and time (UTC+8, Singapore) they were originally created.

28. When I try to publish a #smartlist that includes a Facebook profile/page URL the image is displayed instead, why?
From time to time, for security reasons, Facebook can restrict access to these URLs only to its users accessing through one of it's own channels. All 3rd party services can be affected. You can still publish your #smartlist and try to update it in a few hours.